Undisputed Love

Undisputed Love


Love in all forms and kinds.

Love, easy yet hard to find.

It’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

It’s the pain and heartache after the break-up.


This love is rare to discover.

It only exists when you want to uncover it.

Requited or unrequited  is bound-

By destiny, only true love is found.


The little bickering and the nagging.

The little arguments that’s only for its finding.

Undisputed Love is hard to find.

It only exists in this little heart of mine.

The love for family and for friends.

The love that has no ending.


When you’re ready to sacrifice it all.

Without no grumbling …No…not at all.

Little do we know that undisputed Love is rare to find.

It’s only when you look deep inside.


It’s the love only one can find.

In loving ‘Me’ in all my might. 

It’s love without finding faults. 

It’s the love accepting all my flaws.

Maya G

A philocalist, Elysian through experiences, Eunoia by nature, Cherie straight from the heart.

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