People and Power

There are various facets to politics. The politics of power and hegemony is at one end of the spectrum. The politics of vision are on the other end. In contrast to the other, one separates. Ancient cultures have a wealth of resources from which to draw inspiration and principles for a politics of vision. The dialectic between power politics and the enlightened principles of classical liberalism and utopian socialism has defined modern politics. This category thus deals in the ever changing dynamics of People and Power.

Culture and Society

Everything we do, including what we eat and how we make decisions, is influenced by the society in which we live. A society is made up of people who live in close proximity to one another, share a common environment, and have a common culture. The word "society" is derived from the Latin word socius, which means "companion" or "being with others." Some societies are actually made up of people who have bonded over friendships or shared interests. Here we write about the way people learn about their society’s cultures and how they discover their place within those cultures.

Arts and Entertainment

The three-letter word "art" refers to practically everything in our environment. Everything in our world, including its beauty, inventiveness, and creativity, is a work of art. Entertainment is an umbrella of a wide variety of activities, a sort of action known as entertainment keeps a crowd's interest or provides pleasure and delight. It could be an idea or a task, but it's more likely to be one of the customs or practices that have evolved over the course of many centuries expressly to attract and hold an audience's interest. Therefore this last category is dedicated to this aspect of society.